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Adstream has been working with Mark and the team now for many years. I see Mark as an extension of our business in particular the sales and marketing area. Mark has helped us take the business to a new level, with an improvement in customer engagement, new business growth and staff retention. Mark is highly recommended and his book is a must read!
Georgie Charlish
Managing Director, Adstream
I couldn't recommend Mark Carter enough. I met him and everything he said was exactly what I needed, I read his book and made the decision to engage him and invest in my team; so I could give them the same growth experience I have been working on. I did a Trimetrix which was eye-opening, and with his tools and direction/ helping me untangle my stuff I am actually the most awesome version of myself I've ever been. And in this year I've lost 20KG, and I'm handling all the potholes in my personal and business life far better than past me did. There's no magic in life, but I'm feeling pretty magical about myself; sign up, read the book, do the trimetrix and actually use the tools and put them in action; and I think you could be magic too. Thanks MC.
Ellie Read
Franchise Owner, Optus
I first met Mark during the curation process for TEDxCasey. While I was initially enamoured by his contagious enthusiasm and high octane presence, I soon discovered that it was his understanding of people and his unique style of contextual storytelling that truly allowed him to engage with others to awaken and expand consciousness. A modern day shaman, if you will. In this book, Mark takes storytelling to a new level by diving into the world of value.
Chris Hall
Start Up Guru

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Order the book and unlock additional value added extras in Marks custom built academy

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They Said What?!

A broad spectrum of Marks work

Mark helped us conduct quite a few training sessions including Sales training as well as Interview Skills training. Mark’s execution of the content is always on point. Mark is a very effective communicator and always manages to maintain a high level of engagement across the floor. He’s an effective listener and is always asking questions and sharing ideas during the initial course discussions/briefings so that he has a clear understanding of the business’s needs and its challenges. Thank you for your efforts Mark - Look forward to more successful trainings in the future!
Kanika Sharma
Head of People And Talent, Receipt Bank
Mark Carter ran such an incredible workshop. A significant part of the two-day session was mastering the art of storytelling, how to engage an audience using archetypal themes, creativity and sensory engagement. A few key takeaways the team found most valuable: - The power of authenticity and being genuine · The importance of self awareness; harnessing strengths and overcoming weaknesses · The value of storytelling · Building relationships and bonding with co-workers. I have been fortunate enough to work with Mark Carter multiple times over the past 10 years & his sessions are always inspiring, motivating and most importantly relevant to each member of the team.
Bill Bizos
CEO, Skip
Mark Carter is a master storyteller and understands the value of a story to create connections and inspire people. The Equip 2019 participants were captivated by Mark’s insightful approach to change, adaptability and neuroscience. His energy is infectious and his closing remarks simple and powerful…’No matter what happens in your world – you don’t get to control it – the only thing you can control is your response. Calmness is power’.
Maria Mournehis
Instructional Design Specialist
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark since 2012 when he headed up Training & Learning Development for staff at all levels across Australia and New Zealand with Groupon. Mark combines his 20 plus years of international practical experience, vast knowledge and insights of human behavioural sciences and his infectious energy to deliver authentic personal and team development experiences. He is always ahead of the curve in producing cutting edge content across live keynote, virtual live, digital, webinar, publishing and remote learning. His tailored and collaborative programs are designed with purpose, direction and issue certificates of completion to high standards, backed up by access to his exclusive online academy. If you're looking for a high impact professional, a best practice specialist in his field, then look no further than engaging the services of Mark. If you're looking to re-engage your workforce through culture and invest in the long term development of your team to achieve improved performance in your business, Mark is perfectly positioned to produce results being a true master of his craft.
Shaun McMeeken
VP Sales
I’ve used Mark's services for two consecutive years , firstly to support with a new product launch, then to celebrate it's first year anniversary - as a result of his great work I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services. The keynote Mark delivered at our product launch, combined with his incredibly powerful "arrow activity" totally captivated our (primarily) millennial audience and ensured everyone was talking about the event for weeks to come. It was exactly the "big splash" event we were hoping for! As a result, we decided to engage his services again a year later, to help us celebrate the product anniversary; however I will confess to some level of trepidation in terms of how he would be able to top last year's session. Needless to say, he delivered in spades! On a very warm Sydney spring day (in a room with minimal AC!) he effortlessly kept up the energy levels of over 100 people with 4 fantastic practical exercises in under an hour. He completely nailed the brief we provided; guaranteed everyone got involved and had fun; and most importantly, ensured all participants left the room feeling they'd learned something meaningful and powerful about themselves. From the outset, Mark demonstrated an ability to develop deep understanding of our culture in a very short time frame, and thereby ensured our Values were effortlessly and seamlessly interwoven into all elements of both presentations. I sincerely hope to work with Mark again in the future, and I recommend his services without hesitation.
Ruth Hamilton
Head of Customer Success, Mayday
Mark is a highly accomplished and enthusiastic presenter who delivers his message with innovation and high energy. Choosing a speaker to end any conference is, by it's nature, reasonably risky. Mark & I spent an hour and half together, with me setting the scene for the conference. By the end of this planning session I was already highly enthused, totally motivated and 100% confident that Mark would deliver and support the theme of the conference. Mark has good business acumen, understand concepts & audiences quickly and showed a genuine interest in understanding my objectives. The feedback from my team on his session at our AGM was the most positive ever and he also provided additional value beyond the initial presentation. I would highly recommend anyone to chat with Mark and see how he could assist you company.
Paul Rogers
General Manager, Camera House

Bespoke Intro for Business

Bespoke Introductory Program

What’s Included:

Start The Value (Re)Creation Journey:

  • Bespoke inputs: unique internal survey link access
  • Model overview: elements and causes pre program access via MC Academy modules

Bespoke Session: 1 Hr Virtual / Live Presentation + 30 Minute Discussion, Q&A

  • Values and culture: how to bring your values to life
  • Culture pillars: the four aspects to improve employee experience and performance
  • Differentiation matrix: tools for periodically updating or repositioning products, services or business model
  • Build your V.A.E playbook: a toolkit for value added extras
  • The experience economy: how to address the four experiences

Continue Value Creation: Academy Access + 1 Month Follow Up Session

  • Continue the value creation journey via modules in the MC Academy for 12 months
  • 30 minute presentation and Q&A to close the value loop

Book MEdia kit

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about the author

Mark Carter has over 20 years’ experience as a learning and development professional, globally. As a former tour leader and training manager with Contiki Holidays he brings a unique perspective of depth and personal stories to conversations around behavioural sciences, business, value and growth, both personally and professionally.

Mark is an international keynote speaker, trainer and coach. He is the founder of a learning management system for individuals and SME’s. He’s a regular contributor to mainstream media in addition to leading business and industry publications. He is accredited in a variety of recognised leading behavioural profile tools.

In addition to authoring his first book Ignite Your Potential, Mark shared an initial overview of his Value Model in his TEDxCasey talk, ‘Paws and Effect: How teddy bears increase value perception’.

Born in England, fermented in Scotland, nurtured and matured through several round world trips, Mark Carter is a truly global citizen. He now calls Australia (Melbourne) home, where he enjoys the fruits of a sunny lifestyle. Mangoes, after all, don’t grow in Edinburgh.

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